Courier Tracking Services Explained

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Logistic services are a vital tenet in any e-commerce business, where suppliers have to ensure that goods reach their intended destinations on time. And this is where the services of a logistics partner come in. 

Have you ever thought about how parcels are shipped and tracked by online retailers? Tracking parcels can be a tedious undertaking, especially when you are dealing with a massive volume of customers, and all need transit details.goods on transit

Tracking a parcel involves localizing packages at the time of sorting and delivery. This is what makes logistic service providers provide details to customers about things like route, delivery status, and the estimated delivery date with a high degree of precision. That said, here is an overview of parcel tracking activities in e-commerce.

Bar Code Generation

This is usually the first step in any parcel tracking undertaking. As soon as the parcel or product is handed to the logistics company, they generate a barcode and attach it. A barcode is essentially a unique ID that offers a complete description of the item on transit.

Scanning and Storing Barcode Data

After the item has been loaded for delivery, the courier then scans the barcode. The data captured is then loaded into the system, where every detail associated with the product is stored. With the scanned barcode, stored data is then integrated into the tracking system.logistics warehouse

Receiving the Package

After dispatch from the courier location, the item is then handed over to another branch, as in the case for overseas shipping. With every handover, the barcode is rescanned, and the new data is updated into the system for tracking purposes.

Package Delivery

After reaching the local courier, the received item is then scanned again, after which is it is now ready for dispatch. At this point, the customer should expect the items within a couple of hours, depending on the distances involved and logistics company’s efficiency. Once the product is delivered to the buyer, the delivery status is logistics

Package delivery has improved considerably in recent years. Customers are now able to monitor the progress of their orders using only a barcode. The ability to track parcels has enhanced the efficiency offered by tracking companies considerably. It only takes a click of a mouse or a few taps on your smartphone to know the status of a package that is miles away.